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Please read these instructions completely and carefully

At Advanced Dental – Scarsdale we offer bone grafting, a surgical procedure done to replace missing bone and to repair complex bone fractures. Performed by our highly trained specialists, the bone grafting procedure is the ideal way to safely and successfully build up any fractured or missing pieces of bone in the jaw. The most common reason patients may need the bone grafting procedure is due to the bone being broken down after experiencing tooth loss, gum disease, or any other kind of trauma. Our professionals at Advanced Dental – Scarsdale keep our patients safe and comfortable during the procedure, to ensure our patients leave with the bright and healthy smile they deserve.

Among the common reasons a patient may need to receive the bone grafting procedure is to maintain bone structure after a tooth extraction. The bone grafting procedure involves an artificial bone in a powder form being placed in the part of the jaw where bone is missing, and having it cemented in the missing area. As this powder is cemented, it forms the structure of the jaw and melds itself into the natural bone.

If you would like to find out more about the bone grafting procedure we offer, please contact our team of specialists at Advanced Dental – Scarsdale. Our team will be able to aid you in making an informed decision to give you the healthy smile you deserve.


After the initial procedure of bone grafting the patient is given the recommended antibiotics, pain medication, and an antibacterial mouthwash. Our team will also advise you to avoid eating certain foods or putting any kind of pressure on the bone graft. After the procedure you will be able to return to work and return to all your regular activities.

Following the grafted bone healing and strengthening, you will need to schedule an appointment at Advanced Dental – Scarsdale in order to get your implant placed. As the grafted bone fused in with your natural bone, your implant will be able to be placed safely in the mouth and you will have your perfect smile. However, the healing of the grafting bone may take over three months.

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