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A sinus lift is a surgical procedure offered by our specialists at Advanced Dental – Scarsdale, which grafts bone to the upper jaw towards the position of the premolar and molar teeth.

what to expect:

When undergoing the sinus lift procedure, the maxillary sinus membrane is lifted up in order to create more space for additional bone. Because the maxillary sinuses sit the closest to the teeth, it is the maxillary sinus that must be moved. Getting a toothache during a bad cold may be something you have experienced before, as this is a result of the pressure on the sinuses being transferred onto the roots of the teeth in the upper jaw. This procedure is called a maxillary sinus floor augmentation.

Because of the complexity of the procedure, only out specially trained, professional oral surgeons at Advanced Dental – Scarsdale are able to carry out this surgery.

why might you need this procedure?

In most cases, a sinus lift is required before the patient receives dental implants on the upper jaw, because the lift itself leaves more bone space on the upper jaw. In other cases, the sinus lift is performed before an implant placement surgery, in order to allow for the bone to heal properly.

you may need sinus lift surgery before getting implants if:

There has been a cyst or a tumor removed from the area You have suffered through periodontitis which resulted in bone loss You have a naturally large sinus cavity You naturally have a thing jaw bone Your jawbone has been damaged as a result of a previous trauma or extraction your jaw bone has previously been damaged, for example from trauma or a difficult extraction

placing the implants

Commonly, the patient must wait for 4 to 9 months before they can come in to Advanced Dental – Scarsdale to receive their implants. This waiting period allows the bone to fuse in its new position and heal properly. However, this healing period will be determined by the type of material used and what is recommended by your oral surgeon.

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