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a beautiful smile in just one hour

Because of constant advancements in technology, at Advanced Dental – Scarsdale we provide non-invasive procedures which will leave you with a beautiful and long-lasting smile!

While the dental implant procedure usually requires many months of extensive treatments and multiple visits to complete, at Advanced Dental – Scarsdale our specialists offer a permanently fixed solution that can be done in only an hour.

With permanently fixed, load-bearing implants, the same day teeth procedure gives the patient a beautiful and long-lasting smile in just an hour.

Our specialists at Advanced Dental – Scarsdale can place dental implants and temporary bridges in just an hour.

During common procedures, patients must wait 6-12 weeks to allow their implants to properly heal which can be a hassle for those who do not want to wait. Fortunately, at Advanced Dental – Scarsdale our oral surgeons are able to fix your dental implants and fit in a temporary bridge, called a denture, for you to wear during the healing time.

Following this procedure, the implant will integrate itself onto your gum and jawbone, after which you must return to Advanced Dental – Scarsdale in order to have your acrylic bridge fitted.

Why spend the time waiting, when you can have your perfect smile immediately?

What options you do have with Advanced Dental Scarsdale to get Same day teeth?

Why wait? Start enjoying your smile today.

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