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Bridge over dental implants

For certain patients, more than one tooth may need to be replaced with an artificial one and thankfully, implant-supported bridges are a perfect solution for a long-lasting restoration. Unlike a regular dental bridge which uses natural teeth for support, an implanted-supported bridge uses implants in order to support itself. The artificial crowns are connected to each other in order to form one connected piece.

Rather than using several single tooth dental implants, our specialists at Advanced Dental – Scarsdale are able to replace multiple teeth at once without a hassle.

Using an implant-supported bridge will better preserve your bone and keep it healthy. The anchors of the dental implants are connected to your jawbone and the implant-supported bridges will not need to use any natural teeth to support itself, leaving absolutely no damage to your natural teeth or jawbone. In the case that you are putting too much pressure on individual implants, our professionals at Advanced Dental – Scarsdale may recommend receiving an implant-supported bridge.

Certain people have a habit of grinding or tightly clenching their teeth, which is one of the ways pressure can be put on the dental implants. This may put you at risk of losing the individual dental implants or can lead to a failure of the dental implants working properly. In such cases, it is highly recommended that the patient receives an implant-supported bridge in order to preserve your jawbone and keep your natural teeth healthy and beautiful.

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